How was it working for your father?

How was it working for your father?
There was this guy named Jerry who was in his 20s, who did the same job I did. We were sitting out back having a cigarette, I was like 14 years old, and he let me know that he was making $4.25 an hour. So I go to my dad and I go, “Dad, I’m making a buck and a quarter, Jerry’s making four and a quarter. I want a raise.” My dad said, “If I don’t give you a raise, what are you going to do?” I said, “I’ll quit.” He says, “Do you have another job?” I said, “No.” He says, “Great, you’re fired. Go home.” And he sent me home.
Afterward he said to me, “Do you know Jerry’s story?” I said, “No.” He says, “Well, Jerry’s never going to do anything more than he’s doing now. He’s got a wife and a daughter. I’m helping him support his family. You’re 14 years old, you’ve got a home, you’ve got food, you’re going to get an education, and you’re going to do better than Jerry’s going to ever do. Do you get it?” I said, “Yeah.”

He goes, “And the second thing is, never quit a job unless you have another one to go to. Don’t run from. Go to.” I said, “I got it.” He said, “Do you want your job back?” I said, “Yeah.” He goes, “Great, you’re a buck an hour.” And he cut my salary.

– Mark T. Bertolini is the CEO of Aetna, a Fortune 50 diversified health care benefits company